Join the war and choose from 18 customizable and playable heroes. Each faction contains a range of highly skilled, deadly warriors separated into four distinct classes. Quickly kill your enemies with the stealthy Assassins, resist attacks and hit hard with the powerful Heavies, balance offense and defense with the well-rounded Vanguards, or ...
Hero Skins and Abilities. Uploaded: 26 Nov 2019. This skin is the result of many hours of hard work to create the best appearance of Jango Fett that has ever been created for this game. A skin to make Maul look like his early appearance from the Clone Wars TV show.
Find out what is new in Fortnite this season and how you can help the heroes. Fortnite Chapter 2 Seasons 4 is here and it is loaded with new twists and turns. Check out the latest features and the Marvel Nexus War storyline.
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